a beautiful fellowship

It’s been a year since I attended the Write-to-Publish Conference at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. Before the conference I wondered if I was a writer…or not. Once in Wheaton, however, I learned that I could be more than a writer.

Jane Rubietta opened the conference with a talk that affected me profoundly. A hush fell over the auditorium as she began to unfold a beautiful picture of what it means to be a writer who carries an unmistakeable expression of God into the world.  By the time she closed in prayer I was drawn into the fellowship of Word bearers—those consecrated for a holy purpose.

At the end of the evening, we were then cautioned by conference director Lin Johnson that writers are an introverted sort and were, therefore, urged to break out of our shells, take a risk and meet some new people. Yet, over the course of the week, friendships took root effortlessly. Perhaps introversion falls by the wayside when you find yourself among kin.

A beautiful fellowship was forged in late-night dormitory lounge discussions. Instant bonds formed even as we shuffled through the coffee line. I delighted in stories shared over meals that more than once went untouched due to the lively conversation of kindred souls. It felt like coming home.

Each writer, editor, speaker and friend seemed perfectly placed. Along with inspiration I was equipped through their instruction, encouragement and wisdom for the lifelong  journey as a Word bearer. A confirmed Word bearer.

Are you a Word bearer? When did you feel confirmed as a writer?


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  1. Mari,
    Great article and I am so happy that you were inspired by the seminar. From one writer to another, congratulations and good luck in your future writing endeavors.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. Write-to-Publish is a wonderful conference. Lots of great seminars and opportunities to meet with editors and make a personal connection while pitching your articles and/or books. And, as I mentioned above an incredible place to meet with other writers. Several have become what I foresee as lifelong friends. Okay, enough of the gushing! Thanks for stopping by!

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