Worry-free hospitality

You must be thinking, Wow, Mari’s speaking venture has really started to pay well. How else can she afford to have someone redecorate, hire a cleaning crew and pay a staff to cook for her? Can you imagine…

Zucchini Tostada Recipe

Trust me, you’ll never look at those plastic shopping bags of zucchini accumulating in the church foyer the same way again. And if you’re the one with the excess zucchini, give your friends and neighbors a copy of this recipe. I guarantee they’ll stop running every time they see you approaching with those overloaded plastic shopping bags!

He is with you

I love this reminder that God is with me. There are times we go through things that we don’t understand and they’re so hard to accept. Sometimes, knowing that God is with us through it all is all we have to cling to…when the morning hasn’t come just yet.