go tell it on the mountain

II Corinthians 2:14 with purple crocuses in the sun

April and May will be a time of great adventures in speaking!  I’ll be traveling up and down Illinois and crossing the Mississippi a few times to visit Iowa and Missouri. And I’m excited to meet LOTS of people along the way!

I’ve started a free email newsletter call LIVING FRAGRANCE that focuses on the speaking side of my life.  Each issue will be full of fresh flowers from my garden as well as a short devotion, a few of my favorite Internet resources, notes about recent speaking adventures and a list of upcoming speaking events!

If you would like to subscribe to LIVING FRAGRANCE, just click HERE.

A subscription page will open in a new window.  See you there!


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  1. katie says:

    I hope you make your way to Virginia some time. I’ve got some good sweet tea made by a real Southerner and everything (I knew there was a reason I keep him around ;).

  2. Hey, I hope I make it to Virginia, too! I’ll just have to hope and pray and watch to see if God thinks a little Southern hospitality is what this girl needs. I’m glad you have some pull with a genuine Southern sweet tea connoisseur! Take care, Katie!

  3. Randi Shaffer says:

    Hi, Mari! I was at Coal Creek Bible Church this past weekend and had the privilege of meeting you and hearing you speak. I hope I can encourage you by telling you that a couple of your speaking points have already replayed in my mind this week as I have needed to listen to some friends with my heart and treasure their personal thoughts and emotions. God has been teaching me to treasure my relationships and “make every effort to keep the Spirit of unity through the bond of peace.” It hit me today that your points about listening and confidentiality are keys that we women within the Body of Christ must grasp and employ if we want to have loving, gracious, peaceful relationships that keep us united in Him. Thanks for reinforcing what God has already been teaching me!

    1. Randi, I was really good to talk with you. It was no accident that we ended up sitting near each other and had a little extra time to talk. As I left, I wondered if I could have given a better talk…and the next morning I thought about how Jesus taught. He didn’t worry about all the mechanics of what makes a perfect talk. He was very simple and spoke truth. He stilled my heart and reassured me that I must trust that His message is always more important than the mechanics. Listening and holding precious the things people share with us are the tender things that God keeps bringing back to me again and again. I heard someone share recently about “church hurts.” How many church hurts happen when women do not protect and honor each other by choosing to love and keep a confidence. You are a listener…what a place of honor to be one who gives another the gift of “being heard.”

      I am driving a long distance today and know that I’ll be praying for you.

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