Radio Interview: Living Joyfully Free

Bright flowers and a refreshing readAuthor and Speaker Lisa Buffaloe invited me to sit and visit about this journey of faith we’re living. Listen to the interview on Living Joyfully Free Radio any time day or night.

A few topics:
~ How to live God’s story NOW
~ How to get the most out of adversity
~ How to find people who foster growth
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Five Minute Friday: Comfort

On Friday’s Lisa-Jo from the blog The Gypsy Mama gathers a group of bloggers to sing out our hearts together.  It’s not really la-la-la-la singing, rather we write for 5-minutes what one word stirs in us.  This week’s word: COMFORT

By still waters

My husband asked me if I wanted to go for a drive last weekend. I smiled, thinking of Hank and Edna, our octogenarian friends—now gone for a drive beyond this world.

“We are officially old,” I teased.  We’re going for a drive.

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Sing Glory Down Like Rain

How glorious is our God!

It’s been a rainy spring.
The warm, sunny days last month could be counted on one hand. *sigh*
So if you’re solar-powered like me, a stretch of overcast days can sure make your focus a little cloudy, too.

I’m thankful that God birthed songwriters and gave them a way with words;
Songs lift me up like nothing else.

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