a beautiful fellowship

A beautiful fellowship was forged in late-night dormitory lounge discussions. Instant bonds formed even as we shuffled through the coffee line. I delighted in stories shared over meals that more than once went untouched due to the lively conversation of kindred souls. It felt like coming home.

square chocolate chip cookies

That’s the way she took to cooking everything. I loved standing on a chair so I could watch her scooping up heaps of soft, white flour using an old chipped cup. I don’t think she’d ever heard about spooning it into a measuring cup and leveling it off with a knife. Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten owed its goodness to a pinch of this and a little shake of that stirred together under a keen eye that could sense when things looked just right.

under the maple tree

Flowers flow in rivers around my home. Splashes of bright purple, red, yellow and orange give way to soft, glimmering pools of peach, lavender, coral and white–all spilling out across the yard, down to its farthest reaches. It’s a beautiful place. I’m drawn outside every morning with a hot cup of coffee, my Bible, a journal (or two) and…