Tips for Event Planners

I’ve posted a new Youtube video made especially for women who are planning women’s events.

Having been on both side of events— planning and speaking—I’ve discovered key details that planning committees should think through before contacting a speaker to partner with. Craft a partnership that will truly impact women’s lives.

Listening: Breaker-Breaker One-Nine

I sat still, while the CB radio crackled and hissed. I wound the curls of microphone cord around my fingers and nervously eyed the mic, still safe in its clip. I didn’t dare touch it lest I hit the button while clearing my throat and practicing my first line. My heart raced. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

Come on over to sweetmarimari blog to hear the rest.

Visit with us at YouTube…

Recently Ramona Wink of KFXB-TV invited me to be her guest on here weekly program “Connect.” I’ve provided the link on my blog so you can view the program, too. Feel free to share this link with women you would like to encourage with a message of God’s faithfulness–especially over fear and challenges.