Listen to Discover Purpose

I could stand to be a better listener. How about you?

Learning to listen. It’s one pursuit that will change your relationships profoundly. Listening enables you to connect, heal, love, guide, celebrate and honor others. To truly impact people’s lives.

I’m including a link to a particularly insightful blogpost by Gavin Ortlund. Each of us could easily invest time each day digesting the qualities of good listeners one at a time. How might living them every day change our corners of the world?

Tips for Event Planners

I’ve posted a new Youtube video made especially for women who are planning women’s events.

Having been on both side of events— planning and speaking—I’ve discovered key details that planning committees should think through before contacting a speaker to partner with. Craft a partnership that will truly impact women’s lives.

Listening: Gator in the Granny Lane

“Aah, that’d be Skillsaw in the rockin’ chair,” Sleeping replies. “Haven’t heard from him since mile marker nine. ‘Figure he’s reading the mail, or checking for pinholes in the back of his eyelids.” He chuckles.

Walleye hits the key, “Yah, got shutter problems back here myself.”

“Woah, heads up, big gator in the granny lane!” Bee yells.

Sound like a foreign language to you. It connects those who ride alone.