it’s almost here!

Cosmos marimari copy

The day I’ve looked forward to for a long, long time is less than a week away!

No, it’s not my wedding day.  I ran heart-racing, head-on into the waves of marital bliss years ago. But that exhilarating dance—of peace and excitement twirling around in me—is back!  Throw in a little game of leap-frog between faith and doubt every twenty-four hours or so and…you get the picture.

I keep dreaming of how everything will go at my first speaking engagement!  It’s not really my first;  I’ve been at it for a while now. But this is my first Christian event for women!  For so long, I have looked forward to speaking into the lives of women in the same tender, transparent and hope-filled way that so many Christian speakers have spoken into mine.  Good words, wonderful words—God has used them to challenge me, change me, comfort me, and move me—all to one end: To know Him, to love him and to live in Him more, and more, and more.

It’s my turn now—and I can hardly wait!


Event:“The Radiant Christian Woman”Friday, Sept. 11th     6:30 to 8:30 pm
at Scotland Trinity Presbyterian Church
Macomb, IL  ~ click on link for details!



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