Listening: The Mystery Party

It’s in a sealed envelope. In fact there’s a sealed envelope for each member of your family. Your palms get a little sweaty, your mouth goes dry. Do I open it now or wait…

Join me at the sweetmarimari blog for Day One in Learning to Listen: The Mystery Party. Everyone loves a party, or do they???

Be Still

Do you ever pause and think I wish I wouldn’t have said that or I regret that I reacted that way? How do you stop and think about what you’re going to say without leaving the flow of a good conversation? How have you found a way to be still so that what you say is helpful and not regrettable?

go tell it beyond the mountain

I introduced myself to a few women and was soon “found” by a bright-eyed woman named Dawn. “I’ll be shadowing you today,” she said. Noting my confused reaction, Dawn smiled and reassured me that anything that I needed–she had it covered. We found a corner and prayed as ladies filled the room. Music played overhead. The place grew louder with women laughing, chatting and…
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