Now entering the bullet-free zone…

I am a lover of pictures…whether captured instantly through the crystal-clear lens of a camera…or sewn together over the course of a lifetime in the warm, lined faces of old people.  I am a lover of pictures.

Yet even more so…I am a lover of stories.  Oh, please, understand…I do take great pleasure in capturing a moment, a feeling…the intricate, beautiful details that just might fade away if not for the companionship of my camera.  But a story has depth that moves me beyond what I can see.  Yes, let me sink down heavily and languish there upon the story that can carry me into another world.  One of those stories stirred ’round and served up in all sorts of sumptuous flavors by artists and dancers, writers and musicians…by everyday people like you and me.

Now when I say “stories”, let me assure you I do not equate that with fiction alone.  Among my favorites are stories that were actually “lived” before being told.  How fortunate we are to have great weavers of words…these tellers of tales.  It is a shame when life seems so busy that we don’t take time to feed our souls with stories…with all kinds of writing that is, simply, enjoyable.

As I considered dipping my toe into this vast expanse of ocean, the ever-burgeoning blogosphere, I searched the internet for advice about how to “do it right”.  Most “experts” advised, “Keep it short! Hit ’em fast! And definitely…Use Bullets!”  ‘Seemed more like tips from the Mob for aspiring felons than the kind of guidance I was hoping for.

I had envisioned creating a place that was rich and colorful…an oasis from the efficient, the expedient and the productive.  How encouraging to finally stumble upon some wonderful words of advice…urging writers to set their sights higher and to resist the movement toward blogs dishing up bare bones and bulleted “anorexic” content…thank you Amber Simmons!

…and so…on this day…as I press “publish” on my very first blog post…

… I will happily lay down my bullets.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Your Sister says:

    Congratulations, SMM! You’re big-time now…good luck and enjoy publishing for such a big audience!

    Love, -L

  2. Cathy says:

    Love the backpacking story especially.
    Love, Cathy

    1. sweetmarimari says:

      Yeah…glad you made the time to enjoy it!

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