white-knuckle writing

Instead, what I need to do is release my grasp–and listen. For God is constantly teaching me through all kinds of things and people and daily happenings. It’s within the rich context of a balanced life that He will draw the best writing through me. When I get too focused on the writing itself, I bleed life of the creativity that comes through listening to God’s symphony all around me.

On the brink of a dream

My dismay, though, melted into the richness and beauty of her writing. From this delicious feast served up one chapter at a time, she called to me to write. I you are an artist in hiding, a dancer in your dreams, a writer held captive by doubts…an kind of creative person who stands on the brink of a dream too afraid to jump…get your hands on this book. Her words will be like honey to sooth your soul.

Of plates and silver spiders

There was a choice to be made this morning…between editing and re-editing, stifled by the pressure to churn out a piece to impress you, polished and perfect in every way…or casting upon the water what I love to do most…just to write and see what spills out. I decided to post just the real and…