answered prayers

I’m sure my neighbors wonder what Kyle and I have been doing up with the kitchen light on at 3 am every night. And why I’ve been seen cradling my coffee maker and purring when I’m not cradling…

go tell it on the mountain

I’ve started a newsletter call LIVING FRAGRANCE that focuses on the speaking side my life. Each issue will be full of fresh flowers from my garden as well as: a short devotion, a few of my favorite Internet resources, notes about recent speaking adventures and a list of upcoming speaking events! Click on over to blog to sign up!

it’s almost here!

The day I’ve looked forward to for a long, long time is less than a week away!

Nope, not my wedding day! I ran head-on, heart-racing into the frothy waves of marital bliss years ago. That exhilarating toss of peace and excitement that swirled through me on a perfect California summer day is back and leap-frogging through me once again!