a beautiful fellowship

A beautiful fellowship was forged in late-night dormitory lounge discussions. Instant bonds formed even as we shuffled through the coffee line. I delighted in stories shared over meals that more than once went untouched due to the lively conversation of kindred souls. It felt like coming home.

Ave Maria by Libera

Merry Christmas! May joy lift you up and carry you through all the preparations and celebrations! And may it come quietly, too, in the still moments that find you during a busy season.

This beautiful version of Ave Maria reminds me of another Mary who reminded me to look to the Light, even in darkness.

On the brink of a dream

My dismay, though, melted into the richness and beauty of her writing. From this delicious feast served up one chapter at a time, she called to me to write. I you are an artist in hiding, a dancer in your dreams, a writer held captive by doubts…an kind of creative person who stands on the brink of a dream too afraid to jump…get your hands on this book. Her words will be like honey to sooth your soul.