inspirational speaking 101

If you’re a Christian speaker, please share what you have learned. Not a speaker? If you’ve been changed by what a Christian speaker has shared with you I want to hear what you have to say, too. Please share your “advice for a new speaker” with me.

the wagon

At times, she walked deep in thought. It appeared she was caught up in a world far away. Often it seemed to weigh heavily upon her; other times she seemed wild-eyed and looked as if she was enthralled with an alternate universe–perhaps, flying through the outer reaches of the cosmos, watching the meteor showers falling all around her. I wished I could see those things inside her head.

white-knuckle writing

Instead, what I need to do is release my grasp–and listen. For God is constantly teaching me through all kinds of things and people and daily happenings. It’s within the rich context of a balanced life that He will draw the best writing through me. When I get too focused on the writing itself, I bleed life of the creativity that comes through listening to God’s symphony all around me.