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Recently Ramona Wink of KFXB-TV invited me to be her guest on here weekly program “Connect.” I’ve provided the link on my blog so you can view the program, too. Feel free to share this link with women you would like to encourage with a message of God’s faithfulness–especially over fear and challenges.

go tell it beyond the mountain

I introduced myself to a few women and was soon “found” by a bright-eyed woman named Dawn. “I’ll be shadowing you today,” she said. Noting my confused reaction, Dawn smiled and reassured me that anything that I needed–she had it covered. We found a corner and prayed as ladies filled the room. Music played overhead. The place grew louder with women laughing, chatting and…
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He is with you

I love this reminder that God is with me. There are times we go through things that we don’t understand and they’re so hard to accept. Sometimes, knowing that God is with us through it all is all we have to cling to…when the morning hasn’t come just yet.