When You’re Outside the Circle

Girls. Girls, grab hands. Tammy, let Marcella in. Denise, right here, dear.” Our Bluebird leader motions with her head toward a gap she’s formed for the stragglers.

She teaches the girls a new song: “Make New Friends”

Make new friends, but keep the old;
One is silver and the other’s gold.

out of the basement

We have “Big Garbage Day” once a year in our town. Last Spring it provided the perfect opportunity to clean out our old, unfinished basement. After hauling several loads of unwanted junk up and out to the curb, I was finishing up by sweeping the basement floor. It was rather dark and dingy down there…actually,…

On the brink of a dream

My dismay, though, melted into the richness and beauty of her writing. From this delicious feast served up one chapter at a time, she called to me to write. I you are an artist in hiding, a dancer in your dreams, a writer held captive by doubts…an kind of creative person who stands on the brink of a dream too afraid to jump…get your hands on this book. Her words will be like honey to sooth your soul.