Listening: Leave Her Alone

I stopped to take a picture of some calves standing at the fence alongside a country road. As soon as I was out of my car these mean-looking mama cows all start moving in from all directions. In the picture after the one above you can’t even see the calves at all. Just one line of defensive mamas all standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

And it said it better than words….
Won’t you join me over at sweetmarimari for Day 2 in Learning to Listen? I’d love that.

when I see pink

I came to see pink as a way that people who felt helpless to say the right thing could say, I care and support you without tripping over their words. I saw pink as a color of hope. I’m pulling for you. Hooray, you’ve made it one more day! It said I may not know you but hang in there, you’re not alone. It also said someone I love lost the fight, but I loved her and I wear pink to heal and to celebrate her life and the spirit with which she faced the fight of her life.

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Recently Ramona Wink of KFXB-TV invited me to be her guest on here weekly program “Connect.” I’ve provided the link on my blog so you can view the program, too. Feel free to share this link with women you would like to encourage with a message of God’s faithfulness–especially over fear and challenges.