Listen to Discover Purpose

What if there truly is one thing that will enable you to impact others—to connect, heal, love, guide, celebrate, honor—like no other. What if that one thing is listening?

I linked to an insightful blogpost by Gavin Ortlund a few years ago. I’ve yet to find anything on the Internet like it so I’m eager to share it with you today.

Be sure to visit Gavin’s post: 20 Qualities of Good Listeners.

His 6th quality is a challenge for me.

Gavin writes:  “Good listeners don’t feel threatened by not controlling the conversation. They are comfortable with silence. They give the speaker unthreatened, unhurried space in which to operate while communicating.”

I’m praying God will enable me to restrain my natural enthusiasm for people and give them the gift of “unhurried space” to respond. I want to slow down and value the silence which gives us time to listen and reflect.

Join me in taking to heart his list of 20 Qualities of Good Listeners. Reflect, pray and practice the qualities that will help you give the gift of being heard.  Impact others lives—connect, heal, love, guide, celebrate and honor.  We are surrounded with people aching for these demonstrations of grace.

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Which of the 20 qualities do you want to see more of in your life?

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Go {beyond} the Surface

Go {beyond}

Thought you might like an update on where that one word resolution has taken me this year.

Go! It’s literally a very racy verb. It captured perfectly what God had already been hinting at, so I climbed in, buckled up and revved the engine. I was so ready for God to launch me out of my comfort zone!

It’s nearly April and I haven’t yet ventured far from home—at least not physically.
No, I’m seeing that God’s Go! for me has been—Go deeper with Me.

crop sm beach blog pic

I’ll be wading in placid waters—those familiar verses and Bible passages read time and time again—and He’ll stop me.
Wait now, don’t miss it.
Stay right here and look carefully,
beyond the surface. Deeper.
Deeper still.

“For God so loved the world
that He gave His only begotten Son…”*

That one that can roll off your lips so easily, bypassing mind and spirit, barely skimming the surface of your heart on its way out.

“For God so loved the world…”
Stay with Me.  Hold right there.

Ponder that. Mull it over and over. Let go and dive with Me to where those familiar words come alive!

How have I loved you?
His words move like circles on the water,
expanding, rippling out toward unreached corners of my soul.

Linger here.
Look long and try to fathom the depths of My love.

See Him, My Son—Now run and watch Him. See real love—deep and wide and high and long.

Do you dare walk in that kind of love?

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Listening: Cumbered much?

Taking it ALL with us

I’m going to see my sister in Iowa. You’d think I was traveling halfway around the world based on the amount of stuff in my back seat. It took forever to pack and I’m getting off to a late start—again.

If I could pay someone to pack for me, believe me, I would.

At the very least, I wish I had someone who would sit there and say, “Pack this and this.

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