Listening: God Listens. God Loves.

He hears his children and answers them. That’s hard to grasp, that our cries are heard. Our pleading. Our whispered prayers. Even though He knows our thoughts, God loves to hear us call on Him.

I asked God to forgive my sins and received His gift of everlasting life. It delighted Him to hear me calling for Him to save me. He had been calling me all my life.

I was hit by a car when I went for a run. I could have been killed if things would have played out a bit differently.

Listening: When You’re Not Brave

Ever feel like you have to keep learning the same lessons over and over? God keeps loving and teaching us. He just asks that we listen.

Listening: Living a Life that Matters

I want my life to matter. Don’t you? What if there is one pursuit that would make your life matter? What if there truly is one thing that will carry you into the fullness of life you long for? What if that one thing is Listening? Newest Listening Posts ~ Go {beyond} the Surface ~…