His eye is on the sparrow

The past few weeks have been particularly hectic.  After a late night, I awoke this morning much earlier than I would have liked.  As I lay there in bed composing this year’s Christmas letter in my head, I smiled to think that even in these weeks of writing deadlines, speaking events and traveling halfway across the country–God is giving me our Christmas letter without me even pushing myself to do it.  Not hunched over a keyboard, but in the quiet of the morning snuggled up in my nice, warm bed.

Morning after morning I’ve been on the go. Not today–this would be a linger-over-a cup-of-coffee morning.  Time to rest.  It had snowed during the night and now the world outside my window is at last blanketed in white.  Have you noticed? How snow quiets life.  The sounds that usually fill the morning are softened. The rough edges of life are smoothed over for a while.

I don’t usually listen to music in the morning, but today I thought Christmas music would be nice.  As I flipped through my Christmas CD’s, none of them seemed quite right for this kind of morning.

Then a CD I hadn’t listened to for months caught my eye: Simplicity.    A collection of old hymns played softly, sweetly on a piano.    Jesus is Calling, Blessed Assurance, Softly and Tenderly and… His Eye is on the Sparrow.

It’s a CD that arrived in a care package from my sister and her home school group when I was going through cancer treatment.  Every time I listen to it I think about the many ways God showed his tenderness to me day-after-day throughout my walk with Him through cancer.  Each was a beautiful expression of His love for me and a reminder of His constant presence in my life.

When I was facing a surgery that would be a really difficult one for me–both physically and emotionally–the women in that home school group 1000’s of miles away were praying for me. They not only sent a care package; they not only lifted prayers.  But they also flew my sister out to be with me to comfort and care for me following the surgery.

To have my sweet sister there to cheer me–what a precious gift, sent by a God.  By a loving God whose ways are tender.  They are like that blanket of newly fallen snow that softens the landscape this morning and quiets the day. His ways bring sweetness to even the most difficult times.

“He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing”  ~ Zephaniah 3:17 ~

His eye is on the sparrow…and He watches over me.

‘Would love to hear how God has expressed His tender love for you.


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