Sing Glory Down Like Rain

How glorious is our God!

It’s been a rainy spring.
The warm, sunny days last month could be counted on one hand. *sigh*
So if you’re solar-powered like me, a stretch of overcast days can sure make your focus a little cloudy, too.

I’m thankful that God birthed songwriters and gave them a way with words;
Songs lift me up like nothing else.

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Five Minute Friday: Brave

I'll go anywhere with you, Daddy.

A friend heard that I’ve been asking for prayer for the “new direction” God seems to be taking me. She sent me this verse—a jewel she’d discovered many years ago among Amy Carmichael’s writings.

“As thou goest step by step, the way shall open up before thee.”
—Proverbs 4:12
Hebrew Version

God’s been hinting at using me differently than He has been. I don’t know what that’s going to look like.

I sense it definitely includes speaking. But I also have a growing hunger in my heart for more time looking directly into the eyes of women up close. Of sharing hearts and letting God show us what He wants us to learn—together.

Right now there are a lot of unknowns. I could view it as taking a leap into the dark.
A line from a retreat speaker heard years ago comes to mind.

Paul Cox shared with us five powerful messages about “The Dangerous Man.” He turned what it means to be dangerous for God inside out and upside down.  In one story Paul shares that he was going out of the house into the darkness and his little girl wanted to go with him.

He asked her, “But aren’t you afraid of the darkness?”

She replied, “I’ll go anywhere with you, Daddy.”

That’s what it means for all of us who want to be Kingdom Brave.
It’s not about being amazing,
it’s not about having it all figured out.

Brave is taking the hand of our heavenly Father and saying: “I’ll go anywhere with you, Daddy.”

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Five Minute Friday

Linking up with Lisa-Jo and all the others
taking five minutes
to write on one word: Brave.

living expectantly


This morning I came across the parable of the ten virgins who went out to meet the bridegroom with their lamps (Matthew 25).  Just five had the extra oil that would be needed; the other five brought just what they had on-hand in their lamps.  Both sets of virgins were about the business of “going”—all wanted to be part of the wedding celebration.  However, only five had enough oil to keep their lamps burning so that the bridegroom would find a light when he arrived to lead guests to the wedding party.

As I read the parable I was compelled to sit there for a while, to consider how I live each day.  I usually set out with a “list” of things I purpose to do.  Continue reading