Radio Interview: Living Joyfully Free

Author and Speaker Lisa Buffaloe invited me to sit to visit about this journey of faith we’re living. The link for the interview on Living Joyfully Free Radio is:

Topics include:
~ How to live God’s story NOW
~ Finding good traveling companions along the way
~ How our story is a little like a ride with Mr. Magoo (really?)
~ Swan-diving off I-beams and other feats of faith
~ How to get the most out of adversity
~ Finding strength in the valley of weeping.
~ Stones of Remembrance and other sources of strength
~ Gaining power to do the impossible

Listening: Living a Life that Matters

I want my life to matter. Don’t you? What if there is one pursuit that would make your life matter? What if there truly is one thing that will carry you into the fullness of life you long for? What if that one thing is Listening? Newest Listening Posts ~ Go {beyond} the Surface ~…

Listening: Gator in the Granny Lane

“Aah, that’d be Skillsaw in the rockin’ chair,” Sleeping replies. “Haven’t heard from him since mile marker nine. ‘Figure he’s reading the mail, or checking for pinholes in the back of his eyelids.” He chuckles.

Walleye hits the key, “Yah, got shutter problems back here myself.”

“Woah, heads up, big gator in the granny lane!” Bee yells.

Sound like a foreign language to you. It connects those who ride alone.