One Word—GO!

My sister-in-law Lisa told me about “one word.” Haven’t heard of it yet? Google “one word” and you’ll find a zillion takes on the concept. Basically, it’s giving up New Year’s resolutions and choosing one word.
What would happen if you let God take one word and run with it throughout your life in the coming year? Can you imagine what He would do in and through you?

white-knuckle writing

Instead, what I need to do is release my grasp–and listen. For God is constantly teaching me through all kinds of things and people and daily happenings. It’s within the rich context of a balanced life that He will draw the best writing through me. When I get too focused on the writing itself, I bleed life of the creativity that comes through listening to God’s symphony all around me.

Afraid to let go

There I sat, cross-legged with goose-pimples so stiff you could have grated cabbage off of them! Adults just come up with one idea after another to torture kids. Like this whole circus. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to get children up at the crack of dawn during summer vacation? Then…