There is hope…

No, this is real. There is hope. There is peace that comes when your every waking hour is no longer consumed with wrestling and fighting a dragon that cannot be appeased. There is freedom from self-loathing and shame…release from the intense emptiness that can never be filled…no more hiding and suffering alone. There is hope.

Leaning forward…looking outward

The view out my window is desolate today, save for the few small patches of used-up snow…strewn here and there like old worn-out socks, dropped by a woman wandering aimlessly in search of a sunny day…to hang her laundry against a bright, blue sky.   Poor little socks of snow, peppered with bits of grit…

live life…live free

So many of us can find ourselves struggling under a load, careening along life’s way. This load may seem to take on a life of its own and there are times when we seem to be wrestling with it for days. I have had the great fortune of sharing the company of many wonderful women who have come alongside me and helped me experience the freedom of cultivating and enjoying a more balanced life. It has lightened my load tremendously and freed me up to enjoy the scenery along life’s roads.

Through this blog I am thrilled with the opportunity to share little bits and threads of wisdom I’ve gathered along the way…so that you, too, may breathe in the fresh mountain air, delight in the wildflowers and meadows and drink from a cool mountain stream…even if you are staring at the umpteenth load of laundry and making grocery lists…frantic with endless paperwork, phone calls and looming deadlines…pulling an all-nighter on your essay or cramming for exams. You can still live life…live free.