Five Minute Friday: Brave

Times of change can be downright scary. Especially when there are a lot of unknowns.

Paul Cox shared with us five powerful messages about “The Dangerous Man.” He turned what it means to be dangerous for God inside out and upside down. In one story Paul shares that he was going out of the house into the darkness and his little girl wants to go with him.

He asks her, “But aren’t you afraid of the darkness?”

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Recently Ramona Wink of KFXB-TV invited me to be her guest on here weekly program “Connect.” I’ve provided the link on my blog so you can view the program, too. Feel free to share this link with women you would like to encourage with a message of God’s faithfulness–especially over fear and challenges.


Nearly tripping over my own feet, I rush to the kitchen to find those little muffins peeking out from their place on the middle rack—all huddled together, counting, “1..2..3”, as if they could all swing their weight to the side at once, and tumble out onto the kitchen floor and scamper away. But I am too quick. In a flash, I swipe an oven mitt from its hook and slip it on. As I open the oven door the rich, sweet aroma rolls over and around me filling the kitchen with a fragrance so full and so good that I can almost taste it.