the big challenge

She disappeared into a little room off the kitchen and returned with a plastic shopping bag stretched tight under the weight of a payload that was nearly falling out. She extended her hand and offered me the bag. One of the biggest zucchini I had ever seen swung heavily between us. I looked into her eyes and knew I had but one choice…

square chocolate chip cookies

That’s the way she took to cooking everything. I loved standing on a chair so I could watch her scooping up heaps of soft, white flour using an old chipped cup. I don’t think she’d ever heard about spooning it into a measuring cup and leveling it off with a knife. Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten owed its goodness to a pinch of this and a little shake of that stirred together under a keen eye that could sense when things looked just right.

the wagon

At times, she walked deep in thought. It appeared she was caught up in a world far away. Often it seemed to weigh heavily upon her; other times she seemed wild-eyed and looked as if she was enthralled with an alternate universe–perhaps, flying through the outer reaches of the cosmos, watching the meteor showers falling all around her. I wished I could see those things inside her head.