Listening: Living a Life that Matters

I want my life to matter. Don’t you? What if there is one pursuit that would make your life matter? What if there truly is one thing that will carry you into the fullness of life you long for? What if that one thing is Listening? Newest Listening Posts ~ Go {beyond} the Surface ~…

Listening: Breaker-Breaker One-Nine

I sat still, while the CB radio crackled and hissed. I wound the curls of microphone cord around my fingers and nervously eyed the mic, still safe in its clip. I didn’t dare touch it lest I hit the button while clearing my throat and practicing my first line. My heart raced. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

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Listening: The Mystery Party

It’s in a sealed envelope. In fact there’s a sealed envelope for each member of your family. Your palms get a little sweaty, your mouth goes dry. Do I open it now or wait…

Join me at the sweetmarimari blog for Day One in Learning to Listen: The Mystery Party. Everyone loves a party, or do they???