living expectantly

Perhaps “urgency” isn’t the right way to express it. Maybe it’s more of a grand and thrilling expectation: of being ready for something more than just the ordinary, of truly living intentionally–with vibrancy—expectantly.

Go {beyond} the Surface

I thought you might like an update of what’s happened since January when I took hold of that one-ish word resolution:

Go {beyond}.

When I’d climbed in, buckled up and revved the engine, ready for God to launch me right out of my comfort zone.

One Word—GO!

My sister-in-law Lisa told me about “one word.” Haven’t heard of it yet? Google “one word” and you’ll find a zillion takes on the concept. Basically, it’s giving up New Year’s resolutions and choosing one word.
What would happen if you let God take one word and run with it throughout your life in the coming year? Can you imagine what He would do in and through you?