Listening: Gator in the Granny Lane

“Aah, that’d be Skillsaw in the rockin’ chair,” Sleeping replies. “Haven’t heard from him since mile marker nine. ‘Figure he’s reading the mail, or checking for pinholes in the back of his eyelids.” He chuckles.

Walleye hits the key, “Yah, got shutter problems back here myself.”

“Woah, heads up, big gator in the granny lane!” Bee yells.

Sound like a foreign language to you. It connects those who ride alone.

Listening: Breaker-Breaker One-Nine

I sat still, while the CB radio crackled and hissed. I wound the curls of microphone cord around my fingers and nervously eyed the mic, still safe in its clip. I didn’t dare touch it lest I hit the button while clearing my throat and practicing my first line. My heart raced. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

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Listening: Leave Her Alone

I stopped to take a picture of some calves standing at the fence alongside a country road. As soon as I was out of my car these mean-looking mama cows all start moving in from all directions. In the picture after the one above you can’t even see the calves at all. Just one line of defensive mamas all standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

And it said it better than words….
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