more on listening…much more

I just ran across this blogpost by a seminary student in St. Louis: 20 Qualities of Good Listeners.  I’ve been coming back to James 1:19 over and over…and looking for some really worthwhile reading to help me learn me to listen well…click on the 20 Qualities link to hear what Gavin Ortlund has to say. I have a feeling  I’ll be revisiting his post and really turning it over and over to get the most out of it.

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  1. chiro1111 says:


    Did you know, that by rearranging the letters of listen, it spells SILENT?

    Coincidence? No Way!

    1. Hi chiro1111 =) I hear you…check out #4 & #17…it made me think about people I know who are good listeners…they know when to be silent…and when to speak in order to draw me out…what an art! great to hear from you!

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